Magic Contests


The Cash Call! Weekday Mornings at 7:15am
Each day Jeff Garfield randomly picks some lucky listener from the phone book or from our cash call call registry and calls them. If they know the Cash Call dollar amount, they win that days amount! Be listening close to your phone and make sure you have the Cash Call dollar amount written down!

Free Lunch Fridays – Fridays at 12:20pm

Join Dona Fridays at 12:20pm. To win, simply email your request from your company email to, or fax in a request on company letterhead (802-626-8500). Every Friday at 12:20 Ursula picks a winner. If you win, you’ll get pizzas from Hoagies….enough to feed 8 people!

Magic Trivia – Weekdays at 4:15pm
Each Weekday at 4:15pm, Jon Francois brings you Magic Trivia. The questions are always interesting and Jon takes calls LIVE until there is a winner and streams live on facebook. Sometimes it takes a while! You can win a $10 gift certificates to area restaurants.

Keep It Or Heap It – Monday thru Thursday from 8pm – 9pm

Join Jon Francois as he invites listeners to call in and place votes either “for” or “against” the “Challenger Song”. Each person who votes is given a number. At the end of the show, Jon randomly picks a winner from the numbers that he assigned. When they call in and tell Jon the name of that night’s challenger and song name, they win a free pizza!

Magic always has the most fun and prizes including tickets to concerts and events locally plus Boston and Montreal!