Many local businesses have to come to rely on their advertising partnership with The Vermont Broadcast Group. Getting your message out there can be the difference between businesses that survive and those that don’t. Some new business owners decide that they will rely on word of mouth or a good location and a sign to get customers in the door. There is a long list of businesses that didn’t survive simply because people didn’t know about them. Kix 105.5 can work with you to develop a marketing plan that will ensure that your business grows to be successful. We can work within your budget to deliver the traffic you need. Interested in advertising on Kix 105.5 or another Vermont Broadcast Group Station? Contact one of these great sales people by clicking on their photo to send email, or call them!  Please email to find out more!

Bruce James is the company president and is an award-winning radio commercial producer with over 40 years marketing experience.







Lynn Lynn is our Senior National Market Representative.  In 1981 Lynn was working as a bookkeeper and heard a help wanted commercial on our local radio station. She had sold real estate before, so a job in radio sales caught her attention. She applied for the job and is still here almost 30 years later! She is living proof that advertising on radio pays off. Radio advertising can pay off for any type of business when done properly.  Lynn is known throughout the Northeast as a caring and professional account representative and was recently honored by The Vermont Association of Broadcasters with their Distinguished Service Award



Debbie Allard is Senior Regional Account Representative.  She was raised right here in the St. Johnsbury area, is a very active member of the community and a valuable asset for her clients. Debbie’s family-ties to the business community run deep. Her parents had the “Hovey Shops” clothing and retail stores. Debbie understands the local community better than most and is here to help you with your advertising needs. Debbie’s knowledge of retail and real estate sales is a tremendous advantage for her clients.






Mike Cohen:  Born in Brooklyn New York, Mike Cohen graduated from City College of New York in 1970. His sales career began in mid-town Manhattan but his love for the outdoors and the country life was calling him North. In 1971 Mike moved to Vermont, raised a family and is now a Granddad with 6 Grandchildren. Mike has been a professional salesman for over 35 years. His copy writing, voice-over work and commercial production have earned him numerous awards and recognition from the industry. Mike is ready to help you develop and implement Radio campaigns to grow your business and get results. Contact Mike Cohen at




Diane Roy has strong local connections, being born and raised in St. Johnsbury, and graduating from St. Johnsbury Academy in 1991. Diane knows the landscape well and can offer great local advice to her clients who want to improve their business.  Diane has over 20 years of customer service experience and has been with VBA since October of 2014. . She wanted a career change, and she heard the help wanted ad on the radio, so she applied for it and won the position. This change is something different and exciting for Diane. She loves to get results for her clients!




Merl Grabowski brings over 25 years of radio experience to our company.  Merl has almost done it all in the radio business, from on air to marketing and all stops in between.  This broad experience allows Merl to not only understand what clients want, but more importantly how to accomplish it.  Once you become one of Merl’s clients, you never want to leave. Merl lives in Newport near Lake Memphremagog with his lovely wife,  Merl loves radio!  You can reach him at



Danielle Paquin is Senior Account Representative at the Moo 92, JJ Country and WIKE Notch offices in Newport.  Growing up in a French Canadian family, Danielle speaks both English and French fluently.  She loves taking care of her clients and getting results for them.  Danielle has been in radio sales and marketing for over 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients and the radio stations. In her off time, Danielle loves to sing country music, and has been to Nashville adding her talents to many recordings.