Highest Paid

According to Jordyn Tilchen of MTV Live Taylor Swift is the highest paid celebrity, man or woman.  What exactly does that mean? He breaks it down: He says” So what is the pre-tax income of the highest-paid celebrity, you ask? Great question! According to Forbes, Taylor’s 2019 income totals $185 million, which the publication says is “her biggest earnings total yet.” In fact, her salary grew 131% since 2018, due in large part to the massive world tour she went on last year in support of her Reputation album. The tour turned out not only to be Swift’s most successful tour to date, but the highest-grossing tour in U.S. history — earning $266 million and surpassing her previous record held by the 1989 World Tour.” not bad for a 29 year old.  You can read the entire article here