$11,000 Grapes

Do you think produce is expensive here?  According to CNN The manager of a chain of hot spring hotels in Ishikawa Prefecture, on the northern coast of the Japan’s Honshu island, became the winning bidder for a bunch of Ruby Roman grapes at an auction in Kanazawa on Tuesday.

Takashi Hosokawa will pay 1.2 million yen, or around $11,000, for the 24 plump, deep red grapes prized for their juiciness, high sugar content and low acidity. It’s the most expensive bunch since the breed came to market 12 years ago, the auctioneers said.

“We offered  the grapes at 1.2 million yen to mark the 12 years and to celebrate Reiwa’s first auction,” Hosokawa told reporters, referring to the country’s new era, which began in May with the coronation of Emperor Naruhito.  You can see a picture of the very expensive grapes on our website Magic977.com