Patricia Prue wants the conviction thrown out alleging misconduct by the prosecutor

It’s been almost six years since Patricia Prue took the state’s offer of life in prison for her role in the kidnapping and murder of St. Johnsbury Academy Teacher Melissa Jenkins. “I stand here before you today willing to give my freedom for the loss of her life,” said Prue to the court and the Jenkins family during her sentencing on February 13, 2015. But now Prue wants the conviction thrown out alleging misconduct by the prosecutor, the judge and her own defense attorney. “Ineffective assistance of counsel, lack of objective communication,” reads hand-written Post Conviction Relief (PCR) petition filed by Prue in Caledonia Superior Court on November 12. “Petitioner under extreme stress, couldn’t effectively aid in own defense, Detrimental Procedural Error, Excluded exculpatory/mitigating evidence,” reads the petition. “Biased Judge. Prosecutorial Misconduct – Prosecutor had personal relationship with alleged victim. Childhood Friends.”  Her defense attorney, still practices law in White River Junction. But the prosecutor, Caledonia County State’s Attorney Lisa Warren, is now a Vermont Superior Court Judge in Orleans County. And Judge Robert Bent, who sentenced Patricia Prue to life without parole for the kidnapping and murder of Jenkins, is now retired. Patricia Prue, now 42, and her husband Allen Prue, 39, were Waterford residents. The Prues kidnapped and murdered Jenkins, 33, after luring her and her two-year-old son out of their house on March 25, 2012 with a false claim of car trouble. Jenkins’ body was found by state police, weighted down with concrete blocks in the Connecticut River near a boat access in Barnet. 

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