Lisbon residents offered split views on a proposed ordinance

During a public hearing on Monday, Lisbon residents offered split views on a proposed ordinance that would open town roads to Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles to access the recreational rail-trail that runs from Littleton to Woodsville. Other than a handful of trails, Lisbon has no trails to speak of, and the ordinance would allow those without direct access to the rail trail to reach it without having to put a machine on a trailer and trailer it over. Some with concerns about opening roads to OHRVs believe enforcement of speeders and other violators would be difficult, noise and crashes could become an issue, dust and damage on dirt roads would occur, and it could come with additional expenses for the police and highway departments and create a slippery slope of negative impacts. Those in favor of the ordinance, or agreeable to putting it in place and seeing how it goes, say it will benefit local businesses; Lisbon is not a big tourist area and most riders would be local residents just trying to access to the rail trail, and if any problems result, the ordinance could be rescinded.

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